Reeva in her own Words

Nick van der Leek

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57 pages


In the early hours of Valentine’s Day, 2013, Oscar Pistorius, a world famous sporting icon, fired four bullets through the bathroom door in his home, mortally wounding his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. 

Up until now, the narrative has been all about Oscar Pistorius. So far Reeva’s voice has not been heard. Reeva Steenkamp’s story is equally if not more compelling than Oscar’s. In this incredible compilation of comments, snippets and updates, we see someone working hard to lose weight, court the tricky world of fashion modelling and celebrity, whilst battling to stay afloat, and healthy, and in one place. 

Reeva reveals her unhappiness in Johannesburg, a cancer scare, and many travails with family and friends. That she succeeded in an Olympic like regimen of training to sculpt herself into a goddess, against a backdrop of disappointment and struggle and – to some extent – unrequited love, is a testament to her extraordinary determination and ambition. She dreamt a dream and then she went out and lived it. The tragedy is that just as her courage was finally bearing fruit, her life was cruelly stolen from her.

Because just as Oscar’s journey to overcome massive obstacles was heroic, so was hers. Reeva’s own story is one of rags to riches, of fighting hard for her place in the sun. Despite what many people think, Reeva Steenkamp’s brand was on the upswing long before she met Oscar, and ironically, Oscar’s brand was beginning to slip. Also, Reeva’s Management Company – Capacity Relations – did not feel Oscar’s brand was good for hers. This is likely to have incensed Oscar. But who was Reeva? And how had she conducted herself in her relationships prior to Oscar? 

For the first time Reeva is revealed, not merely as Oscar’s model girlfriend, or as a reality star, but in her own words.

“The insights into her life from the Facebook material are very interesting indeed. Classic story of country girl goes to seek her fortune in the big city, struggles, battles but makes it through in the end.” – John Carlin, author of Rafa, Playing the Enemy (Invictus) and White Angels.

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